Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Connection #7
I want to talk about the concept of free will in this book. Hilde’s father has written the story of Sophie and Alberto’s life even though the two of them think they have free will. That connects to what we’ve discussed concerning free will. I personally don’t believe in this, but people do believe that god has already planned their life for them and that everything they do is predetermined. This is destiny, and it seems as though that in the book Sophie and Alberto do have a destiny which has been “written” (literally) for them, kind of like they have their own god which is actually kind of cool because if the two as religious then they’re right about there being a god. I feel like when Sophie hit Hilde with the wrench Hilde’s dad knew it was Sophie and was “teasing” her because he knew it wasn’t a gadfly. This also goes for when Sophie and Alberto set the rowboat loose. I still hate this book and I still don’t understand why this book is labeled as a philosophy textbook, but freewill does connect to the book very well.

Reflection #7
I want to talk about punching a Nazi! I got the sense that a lot of the class said the decision depended on the situation in which you and the Nazi are in, which is what I think. Honestly for me, I totally understand the concept of not punching a Nazi because it would be stooping to their level of violence, and I am completely against violence. But I just wouldn’t be able to control myself.  Even though I am atheist I grew up Jewish and learning about all of the absolutely awful, torturous, plain old wrong things the Nazis have done I just can’t let that go. Yes, there are definitely people out there who want to punch the gay liberal who wants tattoos and piercing and is pro-choice (aka me), and I would really appreciate it if they didn’t punch me, but as far as Nazis go, I absolutely think it’s completely warranted.

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